A Life Coach for Recovery helps you…

  • Shoot for the stars in fulfilling your dreams
  • Set individual goals that can be accomplished
  • Get valuable support and needed accountability
  • Discover your passion in life
  • Attain your true potential and life purpose
  • Regain your sense of excitement for daily living
  • Become more productive and spirit driven
  • Discover your strengths and giftedness
  • Stop procrastination
  • Build a more balanced life
  • Find out what is truly important to you
  • Experience lasting freedom from addiction
  • Recover from loss
  • Overcome fears or other blocks in fulfilling your personal goals
  • Make a difference in this world
  • Reconnect with who you are

From a Coaching perspective, your WHOLE life story is highly valued when it comes to knowing more about who you are and the strengths you need to move forward. Your biography is important when using your life experience to implement change and influence others.  Christian-based Coaching is about mutual trust.  Incorporating your personal faith and values produces character is also paramount. I offer special training that will help you be more productive as we TOGETHER walk and talk and LISTEN to God.

Recovery is about healing and letting go of anything that hinders you from accomplishing your life goals . A Life Coach will be encouraging, yet directive, while offering a no-nonsense, get to the point approach. Life Coaching is about being in the present, then moving forward effectively and more efficiently.