About Christian Life Coaching

Living Hope Coach

If I only knew better, I said to myself.

Christian Life Coaching can clarify the direction in your life…

Hindsight is not always 20/20. Hindsight often leaves regret and guilt, yet we can still learn from our mistakes in a profound way. Having clear foresight is more realistic.

Those decisions you make today will often have more impact than you realize.

Your decision to work with me is about getting the results you so desire.  Through support and the guidance I offer, is designed to reach your life goals.  The same decision to find the best fit in a Christian Life Coach is crucial for this kind of personal investment. The reason you’re looking at this site means you’re serious about making significant changes in your life.  I believe in keeping our dreams alive. I also believe we sometimes need special help in making our dreams  come true. You can start today.

The recovery process is different for everyone, with your unique set of circumstances vital in choosing the right person to help you move forward.  Statistics show that the majority of people need professional help at some time in our lives.

The question or thought over getting help comes in many forms. For some, it begins with a crisis or situation they cannot solve on their own.  Coaching is about getting unstuck.  We say that Life and time are much too precious to waste.  Others have challenges that either hinders or helps them  grow emotionally, occupationally and spiritually. Coaching is about the individual care of having someone walk with us, day by day if necessary, and to identify the obstacles such as fear that hold us back.

I work hard to identify real problems that provides real solutions to my clients. Recovery is about more than just alcohol or other drugs, and even prescription medication. I also work with those excessive patterns of behavior associated with food, pornography, over spending and busyness.  Effective recovery is about personal freedom and transformation. Coaching is about a shared Living Hope and your Life Story. Coaching is about developing a realistic plan or strategy that helps YOU reach your Life Purpose.

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“Dr. Williams brought light to bare in a very dark time in my life. He is a quiet, wise and discerning samurai, with his sword of healing, truth and wisdom he separates the darkness from my light, so I can shine…”
– Mike K.